Welcome to Choice Pass
What is Choice Pass?
 The Choice Pass is a celebration of healthy choices and it is an opportunity for all 6th through 12th grade youth.  Students make a pledge to stay substance use free and make healthy choices for themselves throughout the year.  In return, they earn 'perks' from multiple local businesses in Gunnison and Crested Butte. The biggest 'perks' being with our Key Partners, that offer them HUGE discounts on membership passes such as a discounted ski pass to Crested Butte Mountain Resort. The Gunnison Valley community supports all youth in the Choice Pass Program by offering these great rewards for committing to a healthy lifestyle and making good choices.
 Your voice is your choice - make it happen for you and allow your community to celebrate with you while you do so.


Sign-up dates, times, and locations for the 2018-2019 school year:  

September 18th 6-8pm at the Fred Field Center
September 19th 6-8pm at the Fred Field Center
September 25th 6-8pm at CBCS
October 1st 6-8pm at CBCS
October 17th 4:30-6:30pm at Lake City School


Come to any enrollment night for sign up, munchies, and learn about the Choice Pass program and perks!

How does it Work?
Enrollment happens annually. Youth and parents/caregivers must attend one sign up night together. Online sign up, waivers and the Choice Pass pledge will be available to fill out at sign up nights. If you would like to print and fill out the waiver and pledge before and bring it to sign up night it is available HERE. Visit www.gunnisoncounty.org for more information on Choice Pass and the Gunnison Conty Sunstance abuse Prevention Project. 

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Choice Pass
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