Outdoor Youth Leadership Program

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This weekend long program runs in the middle of June for students 15-18 years old. This program provides youth the opportunity to build leadership and outdoor adventure skills with wold class Irwin Guides.

Day 1 - Welcome, gear check, first aid & CPR, camp set up

Day 2 - Paddle boarding

Day 3 - White water rafting

Day 4 - Kayaking

Day 5 - Rock Climbing

Day 6 - Alpine snow climb

Day 7 - Mountain summit!

PREREQUISITES : 15 years of age or older with the ability to live and work together amongst peers. Demonstration of motivation, leadership experience, and interests in the outdoors. Adequate fitness for a week of intense outdoor challenges. Two letters of Recommendation.

More information to come about how to sign up.

Contact Emily Mirza if you’re interested


(970) 641-7612